Estate Planning

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Estate Planning

Trust and estate planning involves the accumulation and the disposing of an estate or trust to maximise the goals of the owner. Our service ensures that an estate owner's intended beneficiaries receive their estate after their passing. 

Individuals who wish to manage or transfer their assets in the most cost efficient manner have numerous reliefs at their disposal under the various Capital Acquisitions Tax Acts and Finance Acts. 

Estate planning is more relevant today than ever before due to the reduction in inheritance thresholds in recent years. We ensure all planning is suited to your specific requirements. 

Our probate lawyer will advise you on potential tax implications and come up with an asset protection strategy designed to save you and your family both money and stress.

Michael A. O'Connor Solicitors have worked with beneficiaries, trustees and individuals in Dublin and throughout Ireland, meaning we are well experienced and placed to offer legal advice to you. 

Our probate lawyer will also ensure all taxes are paid and the minimum amount of time is spent in probate court.

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